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News The mod support patch should be the last major patch for Baldur's Gate 3 - after that, the RPG will be "handed over to the players"

Baldur's Gate 3 female character
The seventh patch for Baldur's Gate 3 should be the last major update for the RPG. After its release, the developers will stop actively supporting the RPG, and will only release small updates aimed at fixing bugs. This was announced by the head of Larian Studios Sven Vincke in a conversation with the publication Eurogamer.

In the seventh patch, the RPG will get official support for mods. According to Vincke, this will be the final moment to hand Baldur's Gate 3 over to players, who will be able to create any expansions and modifications themselves.

The game director admitted that he is looking forward to the studio finalizing mod support for Baldur's Gate 3. According to him, although Larian is happy to work on BG3, his team wants to move forward and work on the next projects.

The authors of Baldur's Gate 3 have not finalized mod support yet. Vincke said that this task proved to be quite difficult, so it took his team some time. The release of the seventh patch is due in September 2024.

In the conversation, Vincke also reiterated that the launch of Baldur's Gate 3 in early access helped Larian a lot. Feedback from interested players helped the studio to correct course in time and avoid numerous mistakes before it was too late.

Vincke recommended the Early Access launch mechanism to other developers, calling it extremely useful. At the same time, the game director noted that four years in early access is quite a long time, as players can get tired during that time. According to Vincke, it's more important to treat your audience with respect, so it's still not a good idea to delay being in early access.

As of June 2024, Larian Studios is working on two RPGs based on their own franchises. The code name of one of them is Excalibur.
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News Starfield reviews on Steam over the past 30 days have come down to "mostly negative" again

Starfield reviews on Steam
  • Starfield reviews on Steam over the past 30 days have become "mostly negative" based on over two thousand reviews.
  • The main reason is that along with the launch of Creations and the Creations Kit editor, the developers added paid mods. Some works are sold by Bethesda itself - for example, a quest for 7 dollars and a ship module for 10 dollars.
Starfield reviews on Steam
  • Players are especially unhappy with the introduction of paid mods against the backdrop of the fact that the game still has plenty of bugs, and many promised innovations have not yet been added to Starfield.
  • Recent reviews of Starfield on Steam have been "mostly negative" once - after release. That said, overall reviews remain mixed based on nearly one hundred thousand.
  • Bethesda is set to release major DLC for Starfield before the end of 2024, a teaser of which was shown at the Xbox presentation. The add-on doesn't have an exact release date yet.

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Industry Studio Galvanic Games Announces Closure Due to Insufficient Sales of Wizard with a Gun

 Wizard with a Gun
  • Galvanic Games has announced its closure. The studio said that despite the strong initial interest in Wizard with a Gun, sales of the sandbox game were not enough to sustain the company.
  • Galvanic Games thanked fans and Devolver Digital, which served as publisher of Wizard with a Gun. Studio founder Patrick Morgan also supported his employees. He urged other companies in need of staff to look at the resumes of developers from Galvanic Games.
  • Morgan founded Galvanic Games in 2015. The studio released arcade action game Gurgamoth, adventure game Some Distant Memory, and cooperative sandbox game Wizard with a Gun.
  • Wizard with a Gun became Galvanic Games' biggest game, thanks in part to support from Devolver Digital. The average score of the sandbox game on Metacritic was 72 out of 100 according to journalists, and on Steam it has 80% positive reviews.

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Leak Cyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locations

Screenshots of some locations, assets and files that Cyberpunk 2077 authors worked on have appeared online. The materials were found in the data leak of CD Projekt RED, which occurred in 2021 as a result of a hacker hack. The files were published by a user of the website 4chan, which was noticed on Reddit and in the publication Insider Gaming.

Among other things, on the screenshots you can see materials related to locations on the moon. The network assumes that CDPR planned to release a separate add-on, the action of which would take place on the Earth's satellite. This, according to users of social networks, including indicates a map of the moon with numerous zones. However, there is no confirmation of CDPR's plans to release such DLC.

The Phantom Liberty add-on will be the only one for Cyberpunk 2077, as CDPR previously announced. From the company's financial report for the first quarter of 2024, it became known that no one is working on the action game anymore, as the team has completely switched to creating a sequel.
Cyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locationsCyberpunk 2077 developers have been working on lunar locations

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News Online game Banana in Steam has exceeded 480 thousand - bots are making money on it

Online game Banana in Steam
The maximum online clicker Banana in Steam has exceeded 480 thousand. As a result, the game has risen to the third position of the most popular games on the platform, behind only Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2.

Why Banana is so online​

Banana is a clicker in which players can only click on a banana. When a player makes a certain number of clicks, they receive an item that can be sold on the Steam marketplace. Most of these items are worth a couple cents. However, the cost of certain banana skins reaches several hundred dollars. The record value of an item from the game is 1,345 dollars.
Online game Banana in Steam
Most of the players in Banana are bots that were launched for the purpose of earning items and selling them on the trading floor. One of the clicker's developers confirmed that some players use 1,000 accounts each to get massive drops. According to him, when the game's max online was 141,000, the proportion of "real" players was about 30%.

The creators of Banana appealed to Valve for help, complaining about the mass activity of bots. The company has not yet responded to requests to deal with the situation. Forbes noted that Valve may have to regulate such projects created for the purpose of making money.

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News Palico in Monster Hunter Wilds will get a human voiceover - but it can be turned off

Monster Hunter Wilds palico
Palico's companion animals will speak in human language in the upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds, as revealed by game director Yuya Tokuda in an interview with GamesRadar+. This will happen for the first time in the history of the main parts of the franchise.

The developer stated that he decided on such an innovation due to the scale of the action-RPG.

"The storyline and also the environmental setting of the game this time are such that I just felt it was needed to give the player another support character in addition to the handler, who we've already shown, who'll be able to verbalize feedback and hints to you in real-time," Tokuda states.

Since there will be something going on in the game all the time, furry companions will be able to warn of an impending threat or give some advice.

"By letting the Palico speak human language, I wanted to have someone to convey, 'There's a storm incoming!' In case you aren't currently angled toward the sky to see the storm. Or they might say, 'Oh, we can use those rocks.' That'll give you a hint to keep an eye on your environment. It's really about supporting the player in understanding what's currently happening and also what's available to them in the so-called environmental toolset of things that are around," Tokuda adds.

For those who prefer to explore the world and fight without prompts, Monster Hunter Wilds will feature an option to enable the familiar palico meow. According to the game director, each of the options will definitely find its fans.

The action-RPG will be released in 2025.
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News Players criticized Bethesda for selling a single quest for Starfield for $7

Players criticized Bethesda for selling a single quest for Starfield for $7
  • Bethesda released the Creation Kit editor for Starfield in early June, and along with the update it added a line of Trackers Alliance faction missions to the game. However, it wasn't without a catch.
  • While the first mission is available for free, the second mission must be downloaded through the Creations menu. Upon opening that menu players learned that the quest will cost $7, and it looks like this is just the first mission that Bethesda is going to sell separately.
  • The problem is also that you can't just pay the 7 dollars because Creations uses the Creation Credits currency. In order for it to be enough to purchase the added mission, you have to pay 9 dollars.
  • As a result, players have started leaving negative reviews about the game on Steam. They are dissatisfied with the fact that Bethesda is again trying to promote the idea of paid mods, which the community has already once criticized in TES V: Skyrim.
  • Players believe that Starfield is still far from the state where Bethesda could ask for money for a single quest, a decision they called insulting to the audience.
  • By the end of 2024 for Starfield are going to release a major addition Shattered Space, a teaser of which was shown at the presentation Xbox.

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News Apple has shared the first footage from the second season of “Silo” with Rebecca Ferguson

  • Apple has released four shots from the second season of the sci-fi series “Silo”.
  • Judging by them, the action of the continuation will begin immediately after the end of the first season. On the images you can see the main actors: Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins and Common.
  • Season 2 still doesn't have a release date.
  • In April, Ferguson said that “Silo” could be renewed for a third and fourth season at once in order to shoot them at the same time. The actress believes that's where the show will end up.
  • The series is based on a series of novels by Hugh Howey: its action takes place in the future, where all people live in underground bunkers and do not know what is happening on the surface.

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News Dark Souls-like world building and Devil May Cry-inspired combat system: details and gameplay of Chinese action game Phantom Blade Zero

Phantom Blade Zero
  • Employees of S-Game studio came to Summer Game Fest 2024 with a demo of Phantom Blade Zero.
  • One of the key tasks of Chinese developers is to convey the diversity and spirit of PS1 and PS2 era titles.
  • The world building in Phantom Blade Zero is reminiscent of Dark Souls. The map will be multi-leveled - with many different passages, areas and hidden treasures.
  • The combat system is similar to that of FromSoftware games, but is mostly inspired by Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising, as it is based on combos. The hero will be able to use about 30 weapons (primary and secondary), combining attacks and ultimates.
  • Mercenary Soul will acquire several gadgets like a fire cannon and a bow and arrow. Changing equipment is done on the fly.
  • Animations will be canceled by both normal attacks and using gadgets. This means that gamers will not have to wait for the completion of the blow to perform the next action.
  • Both the protagonist and opponents will have a stamina scale. Its emptying will allow to inflict crushing damage. Parries will become an important part of battles.
  • To visit hidden zones you will have to jump off the rocks and run along the walls.
  • The journalists who tried out the action said that the enemies do not revive after death. Whether Phantom Blade Zero will retain this feature at release is unclear.

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News “The Acolyte” has a 4.7 on IMDb, the lowest score on the portal for Star Wars movies and TV series

The Acolyte
On June 5, the series “The Acolyte,” about the search for a mysterious Jedi assassin, launched on Disney+. The show received high marks from critics who watched the first episodes, but viewers met the series negatively.

Thus, on Rotten Tomatoes it has 28% approval, and on Metacritic - 3.8 points. On the IMDb portal, “Acolyte” received the worst rating among all Star Wars movies and series - 4.7 points. Only 1978's “Holiday Special” was rated lower (2.2 points).

In reviews, IMDb users complain about poor production, plot and weak acting. In addition, not everyone thinks that the series looks for its budget of 180 million dollars.

The series simply did not captivate me. Too much of it feels amateurishly done. Overall, “Acolyte” is reminiscent of the CW channel's not-so-great series. It lacks the spirit of Star Wars or something like that.
IMDb user

The series looks great, and the environments are well done thanks to CGI. But it feels like events are happening on their own for the sake of advancing the plot or wanting to evoke some emotion in the viewer. Without any preparation or explanation.
IMDb user

Although I liked the idea, I found the show boring. Perhaps I'm just tired of the series and the numerous spin-offs. “Acolyte” reminds me of the third season of “The Mandalorian”: that one looked good, but turned out to be weak.
IMDb user

The authors of the positive reviews praised the writers for trying to explore new ideas and encouraged other fans to “relax and try to enjoy it.”

Give the series a chance. Personally, I couldn't tear myself away from the first two episodes. It's no “The Empire Strikes Back”, but if you watch the show without too many expectations and for the sake of relaxing, you'll probably enjoy it.
IMDb user

“The Acolyte” will end on July 17. Despite the low ratings, the show had the best start on Disney+ among all new projects on the service: 4.8 million viewers watched it in the first day.

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News The next Dragon Age has been renamed - the game is subtitled The Veilguard

Dragon Age The Veilguard
  • BioWare has renamed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf to Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The company announced this on its website, publishing the updated logo of the game.
  • BioWare said that they changed the name to better match the spirit of the next installment of Dragon Age. The game will feature seven unique companions of the protagonist. According to the developers, the subtitle The Veilguard better reflects their rich and exciting storylines, as well as the fact that the characters will have to unite to confront the terrible threat that hangs over the world.
  • On June 11, BioWare will publish the first gameplay video of Dragon Age: The Veilguard on its YouTube channel. The video will be over 15 minutes long.
  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard does not have a release date yet. It may be announced at Xbox Games Showcase 2024 or Summer Game Fest 2024, or during gameplay reveal. According to leaks, the game should be released in 2024.
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