• An employee from the Japanese indie studio Denneko Yuugi addressed common questions about their upcoming action game, Machina of the Planet Tree Mugen Ouroukaku. One question focused on bloggers and influencers asking for free activation keys in exchange for promoting the game on their social networks.
  • The developer's response was succinct: "Buy the game, scumbags." They explained that many developers face similar requests on Steam and believe it's a widespread issue.
  • In another tweet, the developer highlighted that scammers often request game activation keys on Steam to resell them on third-party sites. They mentioned that not all developers are aware of this scheme.
  • The straightforward response from the Japanese developer resonated with users on the social network X, leading the tweet to go viral with over 750 thousand views in less than a day. Some media and other indie developers also took notice, with some supporting the developer's stance on "beggars" on Steam.
  • Machina of the Planet Tree Mugen Ouroukaku is a 3D action game where players control a catgirl. It's scheduled to release on Steam Early Access by the end of 2024.
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